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How To Sell On Lazada Malaysia: The Latest Guide For Online Sellers (UPDATE 2020)
25 December 2019

This is a complete guide to selling on Lazada Malaysia in 2020.

If you want to learn how to sell more on Lazada, you’ll enjoy the actionable tips in this new guide.

Let’s dive right in.


Why Choose Lazada Malaysia?

First, Lazada is one of the top e-commerce websites in Malaysia.

Based on SimilarWeb, it stated that Lazada Malaysia has engaged in 24 million visits in March 2019 and has become the prominent online marketplace in Malaysia.

Apart from being one of the most visited websites in Malaysia, Lazada also earned enormous app users from their mobile app. 

For sellers, the opportunity is vast to make money on Lazada. All you need is to set up and list your products on Lazada to get started. 

With a little bit of tenacity and hard work, you can earn thousands and thousands of ringgit selling your products here.


Choose Your Types Of Lazada Sellers.

Back then, only companies registered under SSM are qualified to apply as a seller and sell their products on Lazada.

Still, since Lazada has lifted the hindrance, more opening applications are given for the solo sellers out there. 

Thus, everyone can apply to be a Lazada seller with two conditions, which is – a local person and own a bank account.

For your information, there are few things required for the Lazada sign-up application:

  • Basic personal details, for instance: phone number, email address, working/warehouse address.

  • A copy of IC – photo, front and back.

  • Bank account number & related documents.


Here are 3 types of Lazada sellers. It is necessary for you to know the differences first before signing up for a selling platform. You may refer them below:


LazMall Seller

  • You are a brand owner or authorized distributor.

  • Exclusive access to dedicated LazMall campaigns.

  • Benefit from higher overall search ranking.

  • Additional seller tools.

  • Pay commission only when you sell.


Local Seller

  • You are based locally.

  • Access to a wide array of seller tools.

  • 0% commission.


LazGlobal Seller

  • You are based in China/Korea/Japan.

  • You are an enlisted business.

  • Ship products to Lazada overseas sort center.

  • Access to a wide array of seller tools.

  • Commission paid only when your product is sold.


Things You Should Do Before Start Selling On Lazada Malaysia

1. Don’t sell items from brands that you don’t have the wholesaler rights to sell.

2. All health and beauty products must have approval from KKM. Otherwise, Lazada will unlist you from the seller lists.

3. There is no security protection by Lazada on the listing. Your listings have a higher possibility to get replicated by other sellers.

4. Make sure to use the correct weight and dimension measurement when listing and posting items or you will have the wrong shipping fee charged to the customers.

5. It is free to list on Lazada, but they do charge a payment fee of 2% for each successful sale made on the platform.

6. As a seller, you need to constantly check the incoming orders from Lazada Seller Center to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

7. A seller needs to ensure all orders must be packed and dropped off at the courier pickup or Lazada drop station within 24 hours upon receiving an order.


Advantages of Lazada

1. Free to list – sign up for free to start selling product right away.

2. No commissions – except you are LazMall and LazGlobal Seller.

3. A large amount of traffic – to expose your listings to bigger traffic.

4. Live chat customer service for customers to contact the sellers.

5. Design and customize your own Lazada store.

6. Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL) available.

7. Higher trust and confidence in your products.

8. Ride along with the big promotion campaigns

9. Lazada features to help boost sales store:

  • Sponsored Products – use sponsored products ad to enhance the number of impressions on your product pages.

  • Seller Center – store and product sales performance report.

  • Seller Voucher – offer discount vouchers with a minimum purchase to customers.

  • Bundled Deals – combine multiple products into bundle promotions with more value to the customers.

  • Lorikeet Product Page Designer – to beautify the product content with ready templates or customize on your own.

  • Free Shipping:


i) Long term / specific period only.

ii) All regions or specific regions only 

iii) Applicable to entire stores / specific products only

iv) No conditions/order above minimum quantity or amount.


Disadvantages of Lazada

1. The seller mobile app is buggy.

2. Return process not streamlined yet.

3. Shipping fee calculation is often flaws and overcharges.

4. Need to pay a commission when you sell – except if you are local seller.

5. High competition for sellers – need to compete with other local sellers and cross-border sellers too.

6. No cross border sales if you are a local seller– unless you incorporate a new company in the country before selling the products on Lazada.

7. Restriction on creating variant products – some product categories not displaying an option to create product variations.


Nonetheless, Lazada is still an outstanding platform for people to sell products. With the convenience sales support and in-depth library training, Lazada is the preferred choice to sell products online.

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