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How to Sell on Shopee: The Beginner’s Guide (UPDATE 2020)
07 January 2020

E-commerce is on the rise in this era. Shopping is now online, where you need not go out to get the stuff.


Many online shopping platforms have been developed including Lazada, 11street and Shopee. 


This time, we’re going in for Shopee and how to become a seller on Shopee. 


What is Shopee?


Shopee is one of the top mobile e-commerce platforms growing steadily fast since its launching in 2015 in Singapore. 


Asia’s leading Internet platform, the Sea Group company, is the backbone of the platform that pushed the success of Shopee.


As of 2019, Shopee operates in 7 countries namely Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.


Through its application, users are able to browse, buy and sell, anytime and anywhere. 


With very minimal restrictions, this online marketplace makes uploading and selling your products super easy through mobile phones. 


You’re about to find out the basics that you need to know about selling on Shopee and how to start selling as you read on.


Why Should I Sell on Shopee?


The main reason you would want to sell may be because you want to have extra income monthly. 


Perhaps, you want to declutter your home without just throwing it away. Why not sell it for the benefit of others, right? 


That doesn’t really matter. What you should know is why is Shopee highlighted and why not other platforms? 


What makes Shopee stand out are these:


  1. No fee and commission


Shopee requires no yearly or monthly fee. It’s totally free to start selling on Shopee.


Commission-wise, Shopee does not take any commission on sales made on the platform.


These might change in the future (to be updated if it does), but as of now, it’s free.


  1. Free shipping


Good news for you: Shopee holds the weight of shipping cost when a customer buys products worth rm25 and above from Shopee. 


That being said, you don’t have to pay when shipping to your customers. 


Terms and conditions apply. 


  1. Mobile uploading and selling


Selling on Shopee is as easy as uploading and describing your products on the platform. 


All transactions are made digitally.


Uploading your products that are bound for sale is very easy with 4 simple steps: sign in- upload- edit- submit.  


Details on that are coming in a bit.


  1. Chat with buyers


You might be thinking about how this benefits you in terms of selling.


Digest this: customers do not only look for great products, but they look for great customer services too. 


If you are able to chat with your buyers and ensure they get to buy exactly the thing they wanted from you, you’ll get to the top in no time!


  1. Helpful help section


A big round of applause to Shopee’s help section.


There and then, you are guaranteed to be able to find general questions regarding buying and selling on Shopee. 


It covers A to Z from shipping and delivery inquiries to offering simple guides for the seller.


  1. Multi-language support


Shopee supports 5 different languages: English, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese.


This considerable language support is preferred by many, attracting more people towards the platform.


Choose whichever language you prefer from the 5 and you’re good to enjoy the Shopee experience.


What Can I Sell on Shopee?


You can sell most general living items on Shopee. 


You can sell furniture, clothing, hobbies items and many more. 


The items you can sell on Shopee are items categorized in these:


  • Gaming & consoles

  • Groceries & Pets

  • Health & Beauty

  • Mobile & Gadgets

  • Automotive

  • Travel & Luggage

  • Men & Women Fashion

  • Home & Living

  • Computer & Accessories

  • Home Appliances

  • Sports & Outdoors

  • Kids Toys, Clothing, and Fashion



It seems all easy and lenient, but Shopee has its prohibited items too. 


Shall you sell any of these, you’ll get banned or your items will get deleted by Shopee.


How Do I Start Selling on Shopee?


  1. Download the Shopee app.



  1. Register a Shopee account.


Tap on the ‘Sign Up’ button and start creating an account. 


You can also link your Facebook or email for it.



  1. Log into Shopee.


Your registration is successful and you now have a Shopee account.


Log in to start selling!


  1. On your profile, tap ‘Start selling’



  1. Set up your shop name and add a product.


Your shop name is important, set one as soon as you want to start selling.


Then, tap ‘Add product’ to start uploading the items you want to sell.



  1. Choose where you want to upload pictures of your product from.



  1. Edit your photo.


High-quality photos are better for your business. 


Make sure your cover photo is able to attract the buyer’s attention.



  1. Fill and set all the details of your product.



  1. Make sure to enable ‘ Publish Product’


If this is not enabled, your products won’t be published live on your shop.


This means your potential customers won’t be able to find your product in your shop.


  1. Submit your product.


Hooray! Your product is now live on Shopee, ready to be bought.


Repeat the steps when you have more products to sell and grow your business on Shopee. 


You’re now officially a Shopee seller. Your business is hopefully going to grow.


Thanks to Shopee Malaysia, now we can promote our products easily and for cheap.


If you’re planning this as a long-term thing, all the best!


Even if it’s not, happy selling!




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