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Lazada Seller Guide 2020: How to Become Lazada Online Seller?
14 May 2020

Lazada Seller Guide 2020: How to Become Lazada Online Seller?

Online selling has been a norm and not something new in our daily lives ever since almost everything digitalized and much more reachable to the audience and easier to set the target audience.

Selling on the Malaysian ecommerce market is a great growth opportunity for your business when you targeted much wider audience especially the millennials and across South East Asia. When you launch your store in other countries, there are a few useful facts and data that you should consider.

There are 21,090,777 Internet users in Malaysia and Internet penetration amounts to 68.6%. In terms of device usage, there are 19,967,000 smartphone users and smartphone penetration amount to 64.10%. On a global scale, smartphones are being more and more widely used for digital purchases.

Why Lazada?

Lazada is no stranger to the e-commerce world where it is one the top and largest e-marketplace in Malaysia. Lazada is also available in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The listings in Lazada is categorized for each product that has the same use for the buyers to easily browse their desired preferences. It has a wide selection of each category ranging from clothing to TV, toys to books, beauty to home decor. The most popular category is fashion items, home wear, electronics and mother& kids.

Lazada has a low requirement for every new seller that wish to start their business solely on online based and made it possible for start-ups as there no charges to create your account and business there. It has more than 52 million sites visit monthly and growing which also means it will be quite competitive with the other sellers.

Other than Lazada being pretty stringent in terms of verification for avoiding fraudulent and counterfeit products, the entire process of starting you online business in Lazada is pretty simple if you follow this article.

3 Types of Lazada Sellers

Here are 3 types of Lazada sellers. It is necessary for you to know the differences first before signing up for a selling platform. You may refer them below:

LazMall Seller

  • You are a brand owner or authorized distributor.

  • Exclusive access to dedicated LazMall campaigns.

  • Benefit from higher overall search ranking.

  • Additional seller tools.

  • Pay commission only when you sell.

Local Seller

  • You are based locally.

  • Access to a wide array of seller tools.

  • 0% commission.

LazGlobal Seller

  • You are based in China/Korea/Japan.

  • You are an enlisted business.

  • Ship products to Lazada overseas sort center.

  • Access to a wide array of seller tools.

  • Commission paid only when your product is sold.

Sell your Products in This Simple Steps

Go ahead and click the link here in making your very first step on becoming an online seller in Lazada Seller Center.



Step 1 : Create Account

In Lazada seller centre, the first step of every process in every system, you have to sign up!

There are two options before making your account in the seller center.

1. Individual

You will need to provide your IC in this section and must be 18 years old and above to be qualified in order to sell as Individual on Lazada.

2. Corporate

You will need to provide an active Business License in order to sell on Lazada as a Corporate.

In this section, you have to fill in a few details needed by Lazada :

  • Shop Based in

  • Mobile Number

  • Verification Code on the number provided

  • Password

  • Email Address

  • Shop Name

  • Business Registration

  • Bank Account Details

Lastly, read and accept the Seller Agreement.

Seller fees overview:

  • No setup fees

  • No monthly charges

  • Low sales commissions (2%)

  • Low cross-border order value commission (1-4%)

Before you move on to the next step, activate your Seller Center account to manage your shop on the go (an email will be sent to you to click on a link)

Step 2 : Upload your Products


Listing products on Lazada is very simple. Sellers are required to key in basic information to advertise their product such as by filling in the details of their product online which consists of information like product description, pricing, colour, dimension, weight, image, etc.

To provide exemplary customer experience, it becomes important for the sellers to provide rich and consistent product information.

However, you must keep in mind the items you cannot sell on Lazada. Here are the obvious items according to their policies.

  1. Food items which do not comply with the requirements of Food regulations。

  2. Duplicate or harmful software.

  3. Weapons of any sort.

  4. Obscene images

  5. Anything that portrays vulgarity.

  6. Telecommunication equipment

  7. Gaming/Gambling products that are restricted

  8. Chemicals/Toxics/Acid

If any of the above-mentioned items are listed in your listings your account can be banned for selling any item or it can even end up being suspended from Lazada.

Step 3 : Customize

Lastly, the last step before you can start publicized your product to sell is to go through the Lazada seller center website.

On this website, sellers get access to the reports dashboard and multiple options to process orders, maximize sale, make payments, update inventory, monitor performance, and manage promotions via a single login.

Additionally, sellers can go through the LAZADA university tutorials and videos to maximize their efficiency and grow their business.

Step 4 : Start Selling!

Congratulations, you managed to land yourself as an online seller on Lazada! You can now start adding products and catches customers’ attention with your first ever order.

As a seller, you are responsible to check incoming orders from Lazada Seller Center every day or frequently to optimize order fulfilment hence increase customer's shopping experience.

Lazada has developed a shipping standard for all sellers that all orders must be packed and dropped off at the courier pickup or Lazada drop off station within 24 hours. Failing so might lead to order cancellation.

Additional Information


Once the customer places an order on Lazada, sellers need to ship the orders on time to the customers for creating a seamless experience.

Lazada provides sellers with two shipping options:

Fulfilment by Lazada: Products are stored in Lazada fulfilment center, and Lazada handles packaging and shipping of products to customers. Sellers are only charged on the basis of numbers of orders shipped.

Seller Self-Shipping: While Self-Shipping, sellers need to take care of the complete process of managing inventory, packaging, labelling, and shipping of products to individual customers.

Good news for all Lazada sellers, Wekago provides a shipping service in partnership with variant courier partners  to ease off any burden you may have. Wekago will handle all packages with care and making it as top priority while giving you the best offer you can get around! 

Get paid

Once the orders are shipped to the customers, Lazada will deduct their fees and deposit payments into your bank account every 14 days.

Things You Should Do Before Start Selling On Lazada Malaysia

  1. Don’t sell items from brands that you don’t have the wholesaler rights to sell.

  2. All health and beauty products must have approval from KKM. Otherwise, Lazada will remove you from the seller lists.

  3. There is no security protection by Lazada on the listing. Your listings have a higher possibility to get replicated by other sellers.

  4. Make sure to use the correct weight and dimension measurement when listing and posting items or you will have the wrong shipping fee charged to the customers.

  5. It is free to list on Lazada, but they do charge a payment fee of 2% for each successful sale made on the platform.

  6. As a seller, you need to constantly check the incoming orders from Lazada Seller Center to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

  7. A seller needs to ensure all orders must be packed and dropped off at the courier pickup or Lazada drop station within 24 hours upon receiving an order.

 Advantages of Lazada

1. Free to list – sign up for free to start selling product right away.

2. No commissions – except you are LazMall and LazGlobal Seller.

3. A large amount of traffic – to expose your listings to bigger traffic.

4. Live chat customer service for customers to contact the sellers.

5. Design and customize your own Lazada store.

6. Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL) available.

7. Higher trust and confidence in your products.

8. Ride along with the big promotion campaigns

9. Lazada features to help boost sales store:

  • Sponsored Products – use sponsored products ad to enhance the number of impressions on your product pages.

  • Seller Center – store and product sales performance report.

  • Seller Voucher – offer discount vouchers with a minimum purchase to customers.

  • Bundled Deals – combine multiple products into bundle promotions with more value to the customers.

  • Lorikeet Product Page Designer – to beautify the product content with ready templates or customize on your own.

Free Shipping:

i) Long term / specific period only.

ii) All regions or specific regions only

iii) Applicable to entire stores / specific products only

iv) No conditions/order above minimum quantity or amount.

Disadvantages of Lazada

  1. The seller mobile app is buggy.

  2. Return process not streamlined yet.

  3. Shipping fee calculation is often having flaws and overcharges.

  4. Need to pay a commission when you sell – except if you are local seller.

  5. High competition for sellers – need to compete with other local sellers and cross-border sellers too.

  6. No cross-border sales if you are a local seller– unless you incorporate a new company in the country before selling the products on Lazada.

  7. Restriction on creating variant products – some product categories not displaying an option to create product variations.

Nonetheless, Lazada is still an outstanding platform for people to sell products. With the convenience sales support and in-depth library training, Lazada is the preferred choice to sell products online.

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