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Nationwide Tracking
02 March 2020

How Nationwide Tracking Delivers To Your Door?


Have you ever wondered how a delivery company delivers parcels to you?

What about nationwide tracking? From clicking to order to your front door.

How far your desired parcel travelled?

Continue reading so your questions unravel.


Shipping and Delivery Basics


When comes to shipping, it depends on these two basic things:

  • Deadline of shipping elements 

  • Shipping product quality. 

With the increased demands for shipping and growth of ecommerce, the demand for same-day and the next day delivery is also increasing as well. 

In which, it is a good thing, as shipping is a main key part of a business and you, as a customer may experience the product in person. 

Now, let’s go through some of the basic shipping steps on how your package goes through the ship out process.


Step 1: Order processing

The orders are filtered by checking its shipping address, mobile and whether the payment has been done or not.

Print the order on the backend of your system.

If you own a warehouse: The data entry operator will generate a list of pending orders, generate pick slip and give it to the picker. The picker picks products physically from warehouse racks.

The orders are also filtered by removing cases of payment that are not settled and have wrong information provided.

Gather all goods and package them in a bundle.


Step 2: Order Packaging

The packages would be hand over to the inspection team, which then they attach a despatch slip that contains the address of the consignee and put the bill of goods in the package


Step 3: Logistics and Delivery

All packed products are classified to locations from where the courier will pick those packages and ready for the shipment. The number of shipment data will be captured daily with an order number.

The out scan is usually done using the barcode scanning. 

Notify the customer that the packages have been shipped and the tracking number will be made available shortly. But, it depends on the scale of your packages too.

Double-check the shipment if there is anything that is missing.

Update the system and tell the customer that the order is complete.

If you have any trouble with delivery, you can track the package on behalf of your customer using the tracking number.


Step 4: Returns 

The shipping also involves the processing returns. Thus, customers are allowed to return their packages due to certain reasons. The logistic people would ship it back to the retailer and the return process begins. 


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How Many Days Take To Ship?


Literally, the nationwide express delivery time for packages varies according to the courier’s working days and the delivery address, both retailers and buyers.

Check out the delivery day durations for East Malaysia and West Malaysia - origin to destination.

East Malaysia to East Malaysia: 1 - 7 Days

East Malaysia to West Malaysia: 1 - 7 Days

West Malaysia to West Malaysia: 1 - 3 Days

For the packages that are shipped from overseas, it would be delivered to you within 9 - 25 days. 

But still, excluding the day calculation on public holidays, following on the difference of state and logistic provider non-working days.

If you experience an order delayed or you are not receiving any updates from your tracking status for a couple of days, you may go ahead to request a refund and hold your payment while the packages are being delivered to you.


How Many Delivery Companies in Malaysia?


There are 28 courier services available in Malaysia.

Let me list a couple of delivery services for you to look into:


1) TNT Express Worldwide

If you are to consider shipping your packages back and forth to other countries, such as Europe and America, you can choose TNT

It has become a trustworthy international courier service, as it has already shipped to over 200 countries around the world.


2) PosLaju Malaysia EMS – National Courier Service 

Malaysia's leading courier service, PosLaju. It has the widest network coverage that offers Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Time Certain Service, Pos Parcel, Pos Ekspres, Pos Laju Pack and On-Demand Pick-up

With this good feature from PosLaju, you may monitor your shipment as often as you want to, via their website and mobile application too.


3) Skynet Worldwide / Malaysia

The courier service that is known to a small business owner out there, definitely a Skynet

Skynet provides exceptional services, for instance, extended service hours, remote area services, weekend and holidays you won’t have to wait till the weekend to receive the packages.


4) City-Link

This courier service, City-Link is suitable for transporting large or big packages. They are willing to do the heavy work for you.

This type of services are only accessible to the warehousing, reverse collection or import express, door-to-door domestic delivery and international delivery too. 


5) DHL Worldwide Express

The best thing about DHL courier is that it offers insurance along with their shipment service. The charge of insurance is depending on its shipment value. This applies for both domestic and international shipment.


6) GD Express

A reliable courier, GDEX for both domestic and international delivery.

As for domestic delivery express service, they provide speedy yet efficient delivery services such as Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, and Delivery Order Return Service, Late Pick-up and Early Deliveries.


7) Ta-Q-Bin Express 

If you are thinking of delivering frozen food, you can make it easy with TA-Q-BIN. This is one of a kind courier service that offers to deliver ambient, chill and frozen conditions. 


8) FedEx

If you want to send a fragile package that needs extra-protection, then FedEx is the one. It offers self-sealing packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes, following with a box capable that can withstand 25kg in volume too.

Thus, you can worry less about the package being damaged during the delivery process.


9) Aramex

Aramex courier service comes together with their tagline, ‘delivery unlimited’ to the ecommerce business, drop and shop and ship services too. 

They provide 3 payment modes such as pay by credit card, via Aramex account and cash on delivery, only to ease the customers during the scheduled pick up.


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Other courier services:

  • AirAsia Courier

  • AIRPAK Express

  • Avanti Worldwide Express AWE

  • SF Express

  • GoGet (Malaysia Localize)

  • MrSpeedy (Malaysia Localize)

  • DPEX

  • Japan Post

  • Kangaroo

  • J&T Express

  • Malaysian Express Worldwide

  • Pgeon Delivery

  • Nationwide Express

  • Overseas Courier Service OCS

  • S.O.S Express – Pengangkutan SOS

  • Sure-Reach Worldwide Express

  • UPS – United Parcel Service

  • Ninja Van


But if you are searching for another delivery solution that is not in the above courier services list, you can use Wekago

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