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The Fastest Way To Check Your Poslaju Tracking Number (UPDATE 2020)
10 February 2020

Looking for the best way to check your shipping status? Use Poslaju Tracking.


It's easier to find out where your goods are posted using Poslaju tracking. For online merchants, parcel delivery is a daily occurrence.

It is crucial to track your parcel to make sure your goods have safely arrived at your customer's hands.

We’ll discuss the importance of using Poslaju and the step by step to track your parcel.

Read this guide thoroughly and make this your reference to make your Poslaju tracking an absolute breeze.



Why Use Poslaju?

Poslaju is THE LARGEST courier fleet and delivery services in Malaysia with its Next Day Delivery (the best part of it) and other services. 

Being the best, it has the widest network coverage reaching Malaysia and locating in over 1000 strategic locations across the country. 

Convenience and accessibility are their top priorities. 

Thus, authorized agents, dealers and individual agents are teamed up with Poslaju to enable customers to enjoy these services where Poslaju outlets are inaccessible. 

You can also reach their services during the weekends and after working hours when Poslaju outlets are closed through the agents. You can check the list of agents here.


The Fastest Way To Check Your Poslaju Tracking Number

You can’t just be waiting for updates from the person you sent a parcel to, and you can’t be waiting by the door to not miss the delivery. 

That’ll be wearisome. 

What you CAN do is track your parcel with the Poslaju Tracking Number that you have upon ordering or sending. 

Here is another way, apart from using Poslaju Tracking webpage to track them; use the same method from different webs. allows you to track your parcels shipped through over 50 available couriers shipping to or from Malaysia such as Poslaju, GDex, and DHL. 


  1. Head over to homepage

(the homepage of


  1. Scroll down under “Select a courier” to look for Poslaju.


Once you’ve found Poslaju, click on it to access the Poslaju tracking page and move on to the next step.


  1. Insert your parcel tracking number and press Enter.

When you send out a parcel or when you are expecting a parcel, you should have a tracking number. 


To track your parcel, in the empty tab (as shown), type in your tracking number and press Enter.


  1. Track and trace your Poslaju parcel.


When you press Enter, you will get to this page detailing your parcel’s whereabouts. What you can expect to see:


Details from where and when your parcel is dispatched until to whom it was delivered can be tracked on this page.


You should be able to expect the ETA of your parcel (sooner than expected or later than expected). is also available through mobile application. Downloading the application makes it easier to keep track of your parcel.

 It provides real-time tracking and notifications on updates of your parcels are sent to your phone. 

That way, you won’t have to constantly visit the website. Just wait for your phone to ring! mobile application is available on iOS and Android.



What You Should Do After Tracking Your Parcel


Upon checking your parcel’s delivery status, you should by now be able to estimate the day of your items’ arrival. 

Early deliveries or delays will at times be notified through SMS. 

If it doesn’t, you will still be able to expect changes in the delivery date from checking the webpage and the status of your parcel.

On the day of delivery, a Poslaju staff will call you to confirm the time and possibility to deliver or if you would want to rearrange delivery- self pick up, second attempt, etc.

If they don’t and you missed it, you should expect a pickup note left for you by Poslaju. 

Once you have your items in your hand, the delivery is complete and Poslaju shall close the case.


That’s it! It’s very simple to track your parcel with and even simpler with the easy steps we’ve guided you with. 

Following the steps are easy enough or you can forget half of the hassle.  You can just click here and enter your tracking number for we’ve made it easy access for you. 

No parcels should be questioned about the whereabouts anymore. 

No more distressing waiting.


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