A. Lorry


In addition to the base rate and additional services requested for any booking and unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following accessorial charges shall apply and shall be reflected on the amended booking details and receipt shall the customer requested for one.

  1. This item applies when the mover’s vehicles with driver are delayed or detained beyond the free time provided for herein at time of delivery to the customer or at time of pick-up when such delay is not the fault of mover.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, charges for detention will be charged to the customer for both unloading and loading.
  3. When computing time, the beginning time shall be the time the driver notifies the customer of driver’s arrival and that the vehicle is available for loading or unloading, as the case may be, but in no case shall time commence prior to the time of any appointment or the actual time of loading or unloading, whichever comes first.
  4. When computing detention charges, all non-working time shall be excluded. Non-working time includes lunch breaks, coffee breaks, and rest breaks.
  5. If, at the end of business day, unloading has not been completed and cannot be completed that day, the customer shall be given the following options:
    1. Mover may return to mover’s terminal with what goods and items has not been unloaded, but mover shall return the following day with the balance of the goods and items during the customer’s available time
    2. Any unused free time from the first day will continue into the second day, charges to commence when all free time has expired.
  6. If a vehicle is both unloaded and reloaded, each transaction will be considered separately and free time shall apply to each separately.
  7. When delay occurs beyond free time, the charge for detention shall be RM50.00 per hour or fractions thereof.
  8. Mover shall give customer the opportunity of signing the detention records and the customer to make any corrections to these records at the time. If customer refuses to sign said records, Mover’s records will govern.

Any cancellation shall be made BEFORE twenty-four (24) hours of scheduled pick-up by informing Imex Innovation Sdn Bhd. Customer Service or the assigned mover by call, Whatsapp or SMS.

If a service is booked and then cancelled within twenty-four (24) hours of scheduled pick-up, customer shall pay 50% from the booking total price or RM200 cancellation charge (whichever is lower). Cancellation fee may also applicable but not limited to the following circumstances:

If the mover already arrived discovers, through communication with the customer, that the customer’s items are not eligible for the Services due to not limited to, items under the “TRANSPORT AND GOODS LIMITATIONS” list and/or incorrect information provided by the customer that make the moving process unable to proceed.


Manpower only service is only available upon request and limited to Klang Valley area only. The service also subjected to availability and additional charge of minimum RM100.00 for manpower transportation charge. The manpower charge will be a minimum of RM100.00 per person and the manpower working hour will be from 9AM – 5PM and include break hour. Any request for additional service such as and not limited to, furniture assembly, packing and wrapping shall follow our standard rate published on the website.


Per booking fee of RM159.00 is applicable when requesting a lorry equipped with hydraulic tailgate.


Mover will assess RM100.00 per night applicable for all loads stored at mover’s facility.


Customer shall be responsible party for payment of or reimbursement to mover, for any fines resulting from excess weight or dimension of any shipment that causes the mover to be in violation of any local, state, or federal law. Fines incurred for equipment defects are the responsibility of the equipment owner.


Mover will make pickups and deliveries on the same day/next day the booking was made (Express booking) for an additional charge calculated based on the lorry trip price. In addition, detention as otherwise provided herein shall apply between the time of arrival and loading or unloading and/or the time of subsequent dispatch.


A request for diversion of transport will be subject to the following definitions, conditions and charges:

  1. Request for diversion must be informed to Imex Innovation Sdn Bhd Customer Service department in writing (e-mail, Whatsapp or SMS) or phone call.
  2. Diversion prior to movement of a shipment shall bear the rate that would otherwise have applied if the shipment was originally scheduled for movement to the final destination.
  3. Diversion en route shall be determined on the basis of the distance from origin to final destination via diversion point.
  4. If the transport is returned to the origin point, the rate to be applied will be the applicable rate to the most distant point actually traveled in addition to the mileage rate from same back to point of origin.

The following provisions govern additional stops in transit to partially load or unload, except as otherwise specifically provided.

  1. Items received from one receiver at one point at one time in one booking, may be stopped in transit for partial loading and/or unloading only at points within the scope of mover’s operations or as otherwise agreed by mover.
  2. The party or parties authorized and designated by the customer to accept at a point or place of stop-off may be the same or other than the customer in the booking details.
  3. The request for additional pick up or drop off must designate the following:
    1. Stop-off point or points and places.
    2. The weight, quantities, markings, and description of articles to be loaded or unloaded.
    3. The name, contact number and address of the party authorized to accept item for unloading at point of stop-off.
  4. A notation will be made on the booking details and description of the portion of the items unloaded at each stop-off.
  5. The substitution of items for that originally loaded or any exchange of contents at a point or place of stop-off may be permitted if agreed to with customer and noted on booking details.
  6. Additional charges on item(s) stopped to partially load or unload must be prepaid or guaranteed by the customer. If not prepaid, the customer must show on the booking details the name of one party from whom the entire charges, including the stop-off charges, shall be collected, which must be a party to whom a portion of the items to be delivered.
  7. The rate that customer shall pay for mover’s stop-off service shall be assessed at the rate applicable from point of origin to stop-off location and/or from one stop-off location to another stop-off location in addition to the original charge for point-of-origin to the final destination.